I Love Sex: Becoming A Professional Escort

Susan was a girl that had a mundane job. This bothered her and she often dreamed that she would like to do something far more exciting. She was also a girl that would often fantasize about sexual situations and she began having fantasies about strange moments involving many men wanting to have sex with her. One night, she had the fantasy that a line of guys had all queued up with their wallets out and they were all waiting to have sex with her for the money that they had in their wallet. This fantasy had a deep effect on Susan, and she began thinking about ways that she could actually make this dream become a reality.

It started to dawn on her that she could become an Escort and she would then be able to have sex with many men and achieve her fantasy. She began searching through agencies that would offer her as an Escort and she quickly signed up to the one that she found the most appealing. The agency quickly managed to find her work, thanks to her beautiful looks. It was her first job as an Escort and she was shy and nervous. However, the gentleman she met with was an older, experienced man to whom she was enormously attracted. After some small talk he began gently removing her clothes kissing her deeply all the while. By the time he started removing his own attire she was aching for his touch and his cock. Susan performed wonderfully, and made her man come multiple times. He confessed that she was the best he had ever had and this made her excited and confident. She then became addicted to the experience and wanted more and more.

She decided to continue using the agency and got many jobs. She became even more addicted to the thrill of making her men come and squeal with delight, and this continued. She also began to receive repeat clients who would fall in love with her and give her more money than she needed. Over time, she developed techniques that would make her customers fall in love with her, and many of these individuals confessed that she was the best they had ever had.

She quickly realized that her original fantasies had come true and she was also becoming extremely excited and satisfied with her new life style. She continued to make more and more money and her clients were consistently desiring after her. She continued to do the escorting and made more and more money. However, she couldn’t believe that her dreams had come true and was sure that it was all going to end suddenly site web. However, she continued to enjoy herself and the escorting jobs continued to come.

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